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What is RedZone?

RedZone Fitness is a one-hour group session that helps you burn more calories than ever before. By keeping a close eye on your heart rate using the MYZONE fitness belt, we’re able to maximize the amount of calories you burn, which keeps you motivated as you see results week after week.

After the class, you can open the MYZONE app to view minute-by-minute breakdowns of your workout, helping you to fully understand your workout habits and actually improve your effort. You also have access to leaderboards and status rankings to show off your progress and challenge your friends.

Our class is catered to those looking to push their limits, but if you have restrictions, this is a great class for you, too. We can watch your heart rate closely, and modify the workouts – everyone can burn more at RedZone. This is Decatur’s first group workout with the feel of a personal trainer.

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Experience the RedZone effect for yourself with a complimentary group fitness session. Get a feel for our facility, the inclusive atmosphere, and the motivation of a group setting.

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