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Burn More Calories

With RedZone, you’re able to push your limits with your heart rate in mind. View your output on a screen, push yourself to reach the Red Zone, and enjoy the elevated calorie burn, even after the workout is over.


RedZone is a group fitness experience with the feel of a personal coach. Your instructor will encourage you to work hard during ever-changing classes, while understanding your current fitness level.

Group Motivation

Because the workout is in a group setting, you get the added motivation of comaraderie and accountability. The energy of a group workout keeps you going to reach your Red Zone.

Meet Our Coaches

In 2017, Mike decided that he wanted to bring another type of fitness center to the Decatur area. He wanted a group interval training class where each individual’s heart-rate was monitored. This would ensure that they could stay in their fat-burning zone as long as possible. He wanted the most energetic and motivated instructors possible, to make classes both fun and results-driven. He named it “RedZone” because you can actually watch your heart rate zones change colors during your workout.

Mike Lambdin


Attend one of Jenny's classes and you will find high energy, fun, discipline, and a genuine love for you as a person for making a choice to be happy and healthy. Her 24 years of experience will show that she can teach to all fitness levels and help you reach your fitness goals. She makes sure everyone feels strong, included, and confident. The Lambdins have incorporated MLCrossfit and RedZone into a fitness FAMILY that you will love being a part of and will change your life in so many ways.

Jenny Lambdin

Owner / Instructor

David is passionate about fitness and committed to helping you reach your goals. He tries to make every class fun and energetic, while ensuring that you get a great workout too. David has about the most playful personality you'll ever come across, and rarely takes anything too seriously. When it comes to fitness though, he is 100% dedicated to not only helping you succeed, but doing so while having as much fun as possible! Take one of his classes and you'll see exactly what he's all about!

David Winholtz

Manager / Instructor

Haley is a former kindergarten teacher turned stay-at-home mom, who has taken her skills from the classroom to the fitness studio. She is full of energy and passionate about the people she works with. Haley is a certified Tabata Bootcamp and spin instructor and is experienced in a wide variety of fitness styles including Cross-fit, HIIT training, running, and rowing. Haley loves connecting with people and can’t wait to welcome you to the RedZone community. Her classes are always different and challenging - she’ll definitely push you to your red zone!

Haley King


Shannon has been passionate about fitness for as long as she can remember. First starting with high intensity cardio, then moving to her love of CrossFit. She came to RedZone and immediately picked up the intensity and motivation that we pride ourselves in here. Ever since she became an instructor, she's focused on form and structure as well as providing the same high intensity workout all our members have come to love. She will make sure you walk out of the gym feeling like you got the most out of your workout!

Shannon Harshbarger


Lisa is a true workoutaholic! She has done and does about as much as she can, from CrossFit to RedZone to half marathons and amazingly long bike rides! She's taught a wide variety of styles, and has made her home at RedZone as both a sweat queen during classes and a fun and engaging instructor!

Lisa Richars